Friday, Fri-Yay

Word, its Friday and man am I excited. We have nothing planned this weekend other than getting some things done around the house so hopefully E can rest up and get better and so can mommy and daddy.

So here's my Friday recap.

1. That friend. Do you have that friend who you can pretty much share anything with? I mean like stuff you would never tell anyone else? That friend you never see, I mean seriously we never see each other.  But man when you need a pick me up, a hey how ya doing, that person appears. Its like they know.... total Unagi.

2. Stitch Fix. I have been on the Stitch Fox bandwagon for 18 fixes. I used to love it. Now, I feel like its just blah. I have gotten things that I have one just like or things that just do not work for me, hello, who needs a giant oversized wool sweater in Texas? I mean its cute, but I don't need it. And no its not just like something I pinned. I am so on the fence about whether or not to keep my membership. Anyone else feel this way about it?

3. Valentine's Day. Oh V Day. I mean J and I love to have a day to celebrate, but man we hate the fixed menus and overpriced meals of places we normally love. Last year we did something the Thursday  before since my baby shower was the same weekend and the BOFF was in town. This year we are debating what to do and whether it worth a sitter. Honestly, I would love him to just cook dinner and rub my feet. Haha.

4. Adulting. Why is it so hard? I mean for real. And I feel like adulting is harder now than it was for say my grandparents. So many more pressures and stresses. Its weeks like this that I want to move to the county and become a farmer.

5. Suits. Anyone so excited it back? I just love it.  It might be the only lawyer show I like. And mostly because I like the clothes. I mean who doesn't want to dress like Jessica, Rachel and Donna?

6. I had quite a few people ask me about essential oils yesterday, so I am going to do a post about it next week. I promise I won't try to sell you on them, but rather let you know what I use and why. There is so much out there about them and I know there are some crazy oil people out there too.

Happy Friday all, if you need me this weekend I'll be hitting reset.

LMW5 on Friday