Hump Day Blues

Its still a gloomy week here in DFW. I  have a love/hate relationship with Texas winter.  It's never just cold or hot, its that somewhere in between where you still need your fall wardrobe and sometimes even summer so dressing sucks and well its just gloomy.

I also admit I have been known to get the winter blues. Its the time of year where I do not have much to look forward to and well work tends to get super busy as we gear up for trial season. Its the time of year when I long for Spring and the ability to sit see the sun outside my window. Its also cold/flu season and its hit us like a rock.  J has been under the weather and well you all know E has been one non-stop germ machine.  I suffer from allergies and well let's just say I need a serious infusion of happy.

Evie did have her appointment with the ENT yesterday and my diagnosis was correct. We are getting tubes.  He said her ears were super full of fluid and very inflamed and the fact that three antibiotics have failed means this is not going away on its own.  So Tomorrow... yes she gets her tubes tomorrow. Yeah talk about a quick turn around. I know the procedure is super quick and routine and the anesthesia is nothing to worry about, but ya know its still a surgery and she's still my baby, so prayers for tomorrow. But the light? Well, hopefully this will end the ear infections, end the fussiness, and a return to sleep for Mama.

But let's talk about something fun!  Last week I posted about my need for pillows to go in my living room. Well, one of my sweet friends read my post and I have no clue she makes pillows! So, she is taking the extra curtain panels I have left from our master bedroom and is turning them into some

 And we are going to fabric shop and find some super cute stuff for the other rooms. I am so excited. I also got our new loveseat on Saturday so that room is getting better. I spent about an hour moving furniture around on Sunday trying to get the perfect set-up. All I need now is an end table, some shelves for the back wall and curtain. And well to paint, but that is for another day.  Promise to post the rom reveal when its done.

Well, happy Hump Day all!
LMWhump day