New Year New Things

Welcome back! Oh, wait that's just me, the one who's been MIA since well before Christmas. I apologize, but I was on a much-needed vacation. And, if you're not new around here, you might notice things look a tad different. We are changing it up here and this ole blog got a makeover. So, what do you think? Fancy, eh?

So, what have I been up to for the past 2 weeks?

We celebrated Christmas in Texas on Christmas Eve and Evie was spoiled rotten!  She was such a trooper and made it all the way through the tamale dinner.

We were up early Christmas morning with my mom and brother to do the traditional present opening.  My brother made breakfast and well little girl was spoiled some more.  We then finished packing and headed to the airport.  Note, we left 75 degree Texas for 85 degree Florida.

E did so well on the plane.  She slept the first hour and then played the rest of the time with whatever I could distract her with.

Florida was beautiful.  It was sunny and warm everyday.  E loved the pool and loved her poolside naps.

She was also spoiled by the grandparents and her aunt and uncle.

J and I also enjoyed some much-needed adult time.  We snuck away for a night with his brother and sister in law to the Don Cesar. 

I never wanted to leave the surf and sand. But I missed my little toot!

The flight back was ok.  E developed another ear infection while we were in Florida (hint I do not think she ever got over the first one) and she was just uncomfortable.  We literally landed at 3pm and were in the pediatrician's office by 4:15.   Got her on some meds and she seems to be getting better. 

She is all over the place these days.  She wants to go go go, she crawls and climbs on, over, in, under everything in sight.

I admit it was hard to get up this morning and head to work, but I am a bit glad to be in a routine and for winter weather (finally!).

So, bring on 2016.  I have made some goals for this year, some personal, some motherhood, some professional and some blogging. So join me tomorrow to find out what you will  see from me and this ole blog in the year to come.
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