Things That Annoy Me

But seriously, we all have those things and people that just plain annoy the every living hello-kitty out of us.  Like...

1. Bloggers who do the "blog" pose. You know, fluffy white rug, just my shoes from a downward angle, Oh I Just happened to be standing here with my hand in my hair while I take this photo in my new mirror... you know those people. Be natural. I want to see you unposed, no so pretty photos too ya know.

2. The person ahead of you on the airplane who takes no less than 10 minutes to put their stuff in the overhead bin, then stands in the aisle whilst you are holding a 21 pound baby on your hip who is sleeping and there are like 20 people behind you... ok so a little specific but you get my drift. step into the row man!

3. People who do not use turn signals. When did this become ok? You use it to signal a turn, a change of lane, its in the handbook!

4. That mom at daycare who is the perfect mom. Ya know the one whose kid is perfectly dressed, has perfectly labeled and packaged meals and snacks and makes the perfect Christmas gifts.  Ok, not annoyed I envy her!

5. Pageant has-beens who just cannot let it go.  I'm not talking about the ones who volunteer with the organization, or run a local, or help with hair, make-up, interview, talents etc... I am talking about the ones who just keep entering pageants they can find. This is more pointed to the married with kids or divorced or whatever. Maybe its jealousy but when I was done competing I was done. maybe someday I will change my mind, but I've got way too much else going on. Although for those that to compete still... and your body is rocking... Congrats!