What's Hap-Pinning Wednesday

Its Wednesday already?!? Well you know what that means, its time for What's Hap-Pinning Wednesdays with Jenn and Jessi.

I have been pinning my heart away for real as of late. Between planning E's first birthday party, my law school best friend's bridal shower, and decorating our living room, my Pinterest game has been on fire.

But, you know what else is happening? Winter in Texas. See I know those of you who live up north and have just come out from underneath Jonas think you have it bad. And I admit, you do. But here in Texas we have this roller coaster of a season known as winter.  Its sneaky that ole winter.  It started out rather unassuming this year with warmer than normal temps (its was 75 Christmas Day), and then added some dreary rain, and then the temp plummeted.  We have this range during the day that starts around freezing and can get up to 60 or even 65.  But you know what? The next day? Bam 75 degrees. Followed up by the day after plunging back down.  Our winter comes complete no ability to truly put away your summer clothes or totally unpack the winter duds.  My closet is having a case of split personality much like the weather. Dress in layer they say. Well, I can tell you shorts with a huge sweater and scarf does not professional lawyer make. And we have yet to have our annual ice days here, so I am just waiting for it to hit. Last year it came a tad late, i.e. last weekend of February.

The other lovely happening here? Well when you ex-husband is getting re-married Monday in Maui and American airlines calls your cell phone to let you know his flight is delayed. Yeah, take that world.

So if you need me today I'll be huddled under my desk breathing in Stress Relief EO, wearing shorts and a parka, trying to hold it together and thinking of all the blessings in my life right now....