Confessional Thursday

It's Thursday which means its time for a little confesh sesh with Jess. It has been a rough week, hell its been a rough 10 months in our house. So, I confess...

- the worst feeling in the world is seeing your baby sick

- even worse may be watching a nurse stick her with three needles in three veins in order to draw blood while I had to hold her down

- listening to her cough hurts me more than it hurts her

- not sleeping for  6 days in a row starts to make you crazy

- I have not bought anything that was not a necessity or a planned (i.e. furniture) in 17 days.  It's killing me.

-  I am a stress shopper. I firmly believe in retail therapy.

- More than once in the last week I have gone to the bathroom at work and cried.

- I have been impatient with my husband this week and I feel awful

- my husband is getting sick and I am afraid I may not make it

- my biggest fear with E starting a new daycare Monday (if she can) is there did not look like there were a lot of toys in the room when we visited it

- I'd like E to walk because she is killing my back/hips

- I am addicted to Suits.

- A lady paid for my meal at Chick Fil A yesterday on my way home from the bloodwork and I just cried.

- I'd like a cake to magically appear at my house so I could eat the whole thing (have I confessed I am stress eater as well?)

It's almost Friday ya'll.

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