Coughs, Cuddles and 10 Months

Oh Monday.  You have come rather quickly and I admit, I need another few days to recoup from this weekend.

Friday we had dinner at McAlister's and E had her first turkey sandwich.

She was a fan, as long as she could take bites from it and not eat small pieces.

And she got her first card from her GroRo.  She loves anything she can chew read.

We topped off the night watching Bridge of Spies and I have to say, we loved it.

Saturday was gorgeous here.  E and I went to Little Gym, Home Depot and then home for a cruise around the neighborhood.

I wish I could say we had some romantic evening, but alas we had Italian at Macaroni Grill with E and called it a night.

And Sunday, Valentine's Day.  Well, we did some chores.  My mom was here and watched E all day so we went to church, I worked on the dining room chairs, we put up a new baby gate, went to the grocery store and called it a night.

Well, we tried to call it a night Saturday and Sunday, except E had other ideas.  Her cough did.  Baby girl has had an awful cough.  Saturday night we were up at 10:30 p.m., 1:30 a.m., 4:00 am... you get my drift.  She just could not shake the cough.

And Sunday it returned with a vengeance.  Its only when she sleeps and its awful.  Last night we finally put books under one end of her bed and I did every other remedy I know from essential oils, humidifier, Hyland's.... I feel so bad for her, but we need sleep.  My final try is going to be a chiropractor.  I have heard some moms have gotten relief for their littles with adjustments, so alas I am calling tomorrow.

And without further ado here is E's 10 month update.... 5 days late.

Evelyn Ray you are 10 months old.  You have 6 1/2 teeth, and love to use them.  You eat just about anything I put in front of you.  You especially love bananas, chicken, meatballs and blueberries. 

You are on the move little lady.  You have mastered the speed crawl and also love to cruise around in your walker.  You squeal with joy at the puppies and try to "chase" them.  You prefer to kneel when playing, but aren't too keen on trying to walk at all.  Although, you enjoy a good naked dance after a bath.

You are in 12 month clothes and they fit you well.  You have a tiny waist, but a big ole baby belly and some long chubby legs.  But you have tiny feet and still only wear a size 2!  (Which is why I think you don't like to stand or walk). 

You finally decided to say Mama and it makes me swoon.  You are also keen on "Dada" and trying to say Hi.  You wave when someone waves at you and says hi and you try to give kisses.

I would say you are still a good sleeper, but these last two weeks have been awful, but again I blame the sickness.

Evie Ray you are the love of our life and we just cannot believe we have had you for 10 whole months.

You love to play with your xylophone, mailbox and house.  You enjoy music class and are finally starting to show those skills at home.  Although you have had some issues at school, you start a new one next week and Mommy is hoping this is a good fit until pre-school.

10 down, 2 to go until your big First birthday baby girl!

LMWEvelyn, weekend update