Have You Ever

Have you ever had that moment where you realize you totally thought of something someone else did, wrote, invented? This occurs daily for me.  I read a blog post and think I totally have a draft or list of those exact pet peaves or annoying habits.  I look on etsy and think I thought of that ya know 2 years ago.  I mean have you ever just felt like someone got into your brain and hijacked your thoughts?

I would be a billionaire had I thought to patent the Swiffer.  I mean I was swiffering back in the day with a paper towel attached to an old mop.

The zillions of baby wraps out there. Come on people. Did you not wear your babydoll in your backpack all over town? Seriously, I had this doll I named Creamy (let's not judge 3 year old me on baby names, I also had a dog named Cookie).  Creamy went everywhere with me, head hanging out of a backpack.  I was babywearing before babywearing became a "thing."

The inverted bob? Remember when that was all the craze? Now we get it "stacked" but you know the cut.  I sported a serious inverted bob back in second grade when I decided to cut my then below my waist tow-head blonde hair into one heck of a chin length in the back do. I wish had pics to evidence the epicness of my childhood hair woes.

The messy bun?  Were you a dancer in your younger years? You had the messy bun perfected.  It was called I just danced at the studio for 2+ hours and now have to run errands with mom.  I could do it eyes closed one-handed while performing a pirouette.

The cupcake craze?  Let me tell you.  I was an aspiring baker back in the day, and ruled the bake sale in elementary school.  Oh, I swirled my icing by using a ziplock bag as a pastry bag and added so many sprinkles it was crazy.  Take that Sprinkles.

And anytime I happen to catch an episode of Shark Tank I cringe at all the things those people pitch and get picked up. I have ideas!  I'm creative. 

kid you not I fed my dogs ice cream before Shark Tank

And I am sure that you all will now comment with things that you all thought of first and had the idea to post about and I will sit and secretly judge you because it was really My idea first.

I mean I drafted a letter to my younger self, jotted down notes about the Top Ten this or that to do before or after marriage, baby, moving, buying a house, getting a car and who the f&*k cares what's in my purse.

So, ya hindsight blows.