Hump Day

This Hump Day is brought to you courtesy of the letter P. P for pneumonia. As in my poor baby was diagnosed with it yesterday.  So, today I am back to the hospital for more tests to see if she has anything else going on.  Prayers needed and accepted.

But I need to get real for a minute.  Motherhood flat out sucks some times.  It's the greatest joy and lowest low.  It brings you heartache, but also makes you feel powerless.

I choose to be a full-time working mom. However, it does not take away from the fact that I love my child with all my heart and miss her every second of the day.   I am constantly annoyed by how little support I often feel as a working mom.  I have been told that staying home would be better for her.  When I asked for advice from mom groups I am given answers that only work for SAHM and when I mention this, they say "Oh."  I have overheard a mom whisper about me when I am late to music class, or that I only bring her once a week to Little Gym.  And let's not talk about finding good childcare.

Some of the best places call full-time care 9am to 3:30 pm.  They charge you $1500 a month and expect more for before and after care.  The few places they offer full time care that aren't $1500 are full and have waiting lists for years. Yes years.  Its like I am punished for needing to put my child somewhere for good care from 7 am to 5pm.  Get a nanny people say.  I can't afford a nanny.  If you find me a nanny who will watch my child at 7 am to 5pm for the same amount I pay in daycare and I will take you up on it.

Why does it have to be so hard and why do I feel like I have to choose?  Why do people think its ok to tell me my child is sick because I put them in daycare and don't stay home with her? Why do so few places offer childcare at the work place?  Why does maternity leave suck in the US?

Rant over.

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