It's The Freakin Weekend!

Oh hey Friday, how did you manage to sneak up on me?  Well, you did and its a fabulous one to boot.  Why you ask? Well, because I am headed to DC today! Yes, I am either en route or currently in the land of Presidents.  And that means I  get to see my BOFF and Jenn! My loving precious Hubs conspired and planned this for me knowing I was in need of a much-needed getaway to see the besties. So, I am off to have girl time and who knows what else! This has been the longest I have gone since seeing the BOFF, so I am super excited.  And this time, I am not a bride, pregnant or pumping so that means bring on the wine!  And hopefully I get to squeeze in some Jenn time.

Yes, this will be the longest I am away from E, and I am ok with. Honestly I am more worried about J than E. Thankfully he has plenty of help coming his way.

In other news, I am in search of black ankle booties, that are flat.  I need a more casual one to go with leggings, jeans, etc... but I just haven't found any I love.  Anyone have some ideas?

Also, Evie and I took some photos to give J for Valentine's Day and well, I have some sneak peaks.   Let me preface this with, my child had an all out melt down when I first sat her down, and then we gave her a book and girl was in heaven.  Yes, people she loves a good book.  Proof positive she is my child.  She may look like daddy, but she is mommy's personality twin.

Be still  my heart!

Happy Weekend all!

LMWBOFF, weekend