Monday Blues

How do you go back to work on a Monday after having a wonderfully warm weekend? Well, you hit snooze, twice, grab coffee, and pray for Tuesday.

Spring in winter hit Texas hard this weekend. To the tune of highs in the upper 70's and sunny as all get out.  We took full advantage!


Friday we had dinner at a new local joint called Press Café.  It's just off the running/biking trails and only 1.37 miles from our house via stroller.  Its yummy food and super family friendly.

We sat at the chef's table so E could watch the chickens roasting and the chefs chopping.  E is really into other people's mouths and teeth these days so meal time is a joy.  She wants to see your teeth and touch them. Oh and share her paci.  She also has all the heart eyes for Daddy.

Saturday E and I headed to Little Gym while daddy worked.  She loves class these days since she can crawl and climb her heart out on all the equipment.  She is currently the only girl in her class and makes sure you know it.

Then we headed out for a family walk.  Our neighborhood backs up to the Trinity Trails and we take full advantage of it.  our jogging stroller has seen many a mile and E has taken many a nap.  It also gives J and I time to talk and chat about things since E is occupied.

After our walk, I got some much-needed Me time in the form of an hour and a half massage.  It was glorious.  My body was aching from carrying E, carrying stress and well from life.  I then grocery-shopped... alone.  Amazing how much faster I can get in and out of Target without a little person or husband in tow.

Oh and we had chick-fil-a for lunch. All of us. Yes, I bought E her first kids meal of grilled nuggets and fruit.  She wolfed it down.

I also managed to finally finish the dining room table makeover.  Ya know the antique one that I sanded and stained months ago? Well, it was perfect varnish weather.  Two coats and she is gorgeous.  I will share more once I re-do the chairs and have the final reveal. (which needs to happen before March 5th when I have a bridal shower at my house).  We also lowered the curtain rods in the living room to prepare for the first set of curtain which will arrive this week. I am so excited to watch the living room come together.

Sunday we tried another new church.  We opted for a larger non-denominational church that we know tons of people attend.  They have excellent children's programming and a contemporary or traditional service.  I was a tad nervous since its a much larger church than what we have been going to, but we enjoyed it.  E was right at home in the crawlers rooms (yes a whole room just for crawling babies) and bonus the pews are padded!  But for real, it may be the perfect match for us.  It wasn't "too preachy" as J would call it, but still had the contemporary music I love.

After church we opted for brunch.  We hit up the new Egg and I and E scarfed down some pancakes.  Seriously, this girl can eat.  After brunch E and I napped while daddy went to the gym.  Then we went on another family walk!  The weather was just too perfect.  In fact, it was so perfect, we wore shorts! I even went for another go around with the puppies in tow.  After all the excitement we just enjoyed some quiet time. E is finally warming up to baby jail and plus, it keeps all her toys in one place downstairs.

It was just a super relaxing weekend for our little family and just what we ALL needed.  E is finally feeling better (still some drainage out of her ears, but better out than in) and J and I enjoyed spending time together.  Also, of note, E is talking up a storm.  I have videos her of babbling away.  She did it for an hour straight.  I will also tell you this was after we had a mini meltdown during our surprise photo session.

I took E and I to get some cute Valentine's Day photos for a gift for J.  She cried.  She looked mad and just not cute or happy. Well, until the sweet photog gave her a book.  Melt my heart, she loves books, she is my child!  I cannot wait to share the results and see how J loves his sweet gift. And this is how E felt by the end of the weekend.

And cue February!  Seriously!  Where did the month go?  E will be 10 months old this month and I have some fun things planned!  Up this week on the blog, a oils post, a small tour of our new home, and some easy baby friendly recipes.  Happy Monday all!
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