Oils for Everyday

As I promised, I am here to tell you about my love affair with essential oils. I am sure you have heard of them, maybe tried them, but some of you may have no idea of this oil craze.

I jumped on the essential oil bandwagon in October 2015.  Evie had been sick and on her second round of RSV as well as another double ear infection.  I was also suffering from cold and flu season and decided it couldn't hurt to try.  I talked to several friends who has been using essential oils for while and decided to give them a go.  I use Young Living essential oils, but there are other brands out there.

Oils have tons of uses from skin care, health and wellness, and cleaning.  I use them mostly for health and wellness, but also love them for skincare, as I mentioned last week.  So, I thought I would talk about the oils I use everyday.

Thieves is my go-to.  I diffuse it, wear it, drink it, you get the picture. 

Thieves is as old as time as they say.  It has wonderful properties and is a blend of other oils.  Its great to diffuse to kills off germs during cold and flu season.  I use it in a carrier oil (coconut oil) on my throat when its sore, I use it on the bottom of E's feet before school, and have gargled it as well.  J loves it for headache relief.  I enjoy it almost cinnamon scent.  Thieves is also a wonderful cleaner.  YL makes a concentrated cleaner and man its great.  Its natural and leaves such a fresh scene without the harsh chemicals.

Evie goes to school or anywhere often smelling like a tree as I say.  Myrtle is wonderful for congestion and cough and baby safe.  Again I use this in a carrier oil and rub along her spine and feet to help relieve symptoms of RSV and any upper respiratory infection.  I also like to diffuse this along with lemon and lavender at night her in room to give her a little extra relief to ease the cough at bedtime and loosen mucus.

This one goes with me everywhere.  I love the roll-on for ease of use.  What that means is that it does not need to be mixed with a carrier oil, its already mixed in.  I simply rub this on my wrists, back of neck or temples when I  need a little Calgon take me away moment.  The smell is amazing and replaced perfume for me.  It eases a headache, helps soothe me when E is fussy and I have had it up to here (here is high people, so high).  I also love it at work for when I'm working hard and engulfed in a project or when people have driven me nuts.  Something about the vanilla and lavender just put my mind at ease.

Oh yeah, its not that little time of the month either...

Again, I talked Frank last week, but again its just so wonderful.  I use it neat (without carrier oil) to my brown spots or add to my night cream as well.  Its great for tons of things including sore muscles and it often finds its way onto my back at night.  I also have friends who swore by it for stretch marks.  A co-worker of mine has found its great for that cystic acne as well.  I warn you, its expensive coming in at $70 for a 15mL bottle, but it lasts and IMH very worth it.

And last, but not least, lavender.  Its known as the Swiss army knife of oils.

Point is, lavender is great for everything.  I diffuse it to soothe E to sleep, swab it around her ears to ease an ear infection, rub it an owies and sniff it to help me calm.  Its also great for allergies and I use it in the allergy and flu bombs.  I can be added to anything just about.  I put a drop with Desitin to help diaper rash, add a drop or 2 to bath time to help with dry skin and man I just love the smell as well.

These are just a few of the oils that I find are essential to my life now.  I also stock, RV, lemon, and deep relief at all times. If you are interested in learning more or would like to order something let me know.  Or to learn more about Young Living.
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