This describes the elation I have that today is Friday.  I always believe the first full week back after  a short week is so hard.  It makes the week feel incredibly long and the hours seems to take an eternity.  This has been one of those weeks.  Between dealing with daycare issues, house selling woes, and a linger accumulation of mucus in my body, I am just in total need of a weekend.  So let's wrap up this week with the Friday Five:

1. I think we found a new place for E.  It is so hard to find quality full-time care in this city.  There are tons of pre-schools, and half day programs or places that claim full-time (9:00 am to 3:30 pm is not full time).  And the few good places have wait lists for years. Yes years.  I put E on a waitlist in October for a place for a June start. That has now been moved to a Fall start. Well, that does me no good. At that point she will almost be 18 months and able to attend many of the pre-schools around here.  So, we toured a facility that we had looked at briefly before she was born but ruled out because it did not open early enough for us and was pretty pricey.  We toured it again yesterday and I think its a good fit.  Its a Montessori school that has full time (7-6) and curriculum and teachers that have been there for years and bonus is downtown.  Yup, just a few blocks from my office. Its still pricey, but I have found out that often that price does equate to care and quality of teachers.  Its also a place we think we can keep her until she is ready for kindergarten. As much as I hate moving her and uprooting her again, I have to do what is best for her and for my piece of mind.

2. My husband.  Total win yesterday.

Yup, he sent them to me early so I could enjoy them at work for a few days.  They smell divine people.

3. Evie is 10 months old!  I will do a proper update on the blog next week, but our little peanut is just two months shy of a year!  Crazy to think this weekend last year was my baby shower and my BOFF was here to celebrate.

4. Valentine's Day.  Its Sunday, yup.  And yes I already got flowers, but we are not celebrating this weekend.  Yes, my mom will be here to watch E, but instead of paying double for dinner on a pre-set menu, we always celebrate before or after.  Restaurants are less crowded, I can pick what I want from the menu and there are no annoying hearty décor.  Instead, we are going to tackle several house projects that need to get done. So, we will be redoing the dining room chairs, pulling dead flowers from the front yard, installing a new baby gate at the top of the stairs, changing out light bulbs, and going to look for a new media stand for the living room.  We will probably have a low-key dinner Saturday night and enjoy church Sunday along with our family walk.

5. Diet.  I have not really been watching my diet since E was born.  Granted I weigh less now than before I was pregnant, but I am not as toned as I was before.  I try to eat somewhat healthy, but the sweet-tooth I developed with her has stuck around with a vengeance.  My goal is to tackle that and get our family back on the bandwagon.  I have looked into the Whole30 or going paleo and J and I are going to make some decisions this weekend. But starting next week, the Winters are back on the saddle.

LMW5 on Friday, Evelyn, house