It's Pi Day

Good Morning! It's March, its finally sunny outside and its Pi Day! Let's all take a moment to relish in all that is the wonderfulness of 3.14.

This weekend was jammed packed again, but so good.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early for Evie's One Year photos. Yup, I know a tad early, but we wanted to be able to have them at her party.

Let's just say someone had mixed reactions to this cake:

After the photos and cake, we headed home for some lunch and LONG nap.  Girl was tuckered out from all the excitement.

While she napped, I worked outside on our front flower beds and planted a few pretty flours to get some color into our rather bleak front yard.

When she finally got up, she and I headed to meet one of my oldest and dearest friends, whom is much like a sister to me.  Auntie Ashley had not met E yet and so off we went.  It was a wonderful visit and so good to see her.

When I returned home, I saw that J's Stitch Fox for men had arrived! I was pretty excited.

I will do a total recap this week, but we, I mean he kept 3 out of 5 items and seemed excited for another round!

Saturday night was quite the party. Haha. I went grocer shopping at Target at 8pm at night. But people, it was PACKED. I thought I had a great idea, but no, no it was packed lol.

I got back and J and I watched an episode of House of Cards and then we decided we should hit the hay since we were losing an hour of sleep.

Sunday started off a little well, off. J went to work and E and I were going to heard to church, but she was just tired. Even though she slept til 7 (6 her normal wake up time) so she went back down for a morning nap and we missed church.

So we played a little and she is in love with her rocking unicorn these days.

I can still remember her tiny little body on it for her newborn pics almost a year ago.

She and I also went out for a walk since it was so pretty and warm on Sunday. After a walk, she napped and well I ate some leftover smash cake and did a little work and cleaning.  After her nap, we headed to watch some twirling.  She loves to "twirl" her baton and watch the older girls so its how we spend some sundays these days.

This weekend is the Regional twirling contest so I will be busy since my former coach is hosting it and well I get roped into helping.  This will be E's first time to see a contest, so I am a tad excited for her to get into the twirling scene.

And after that we had some dinner and she was zonked out by 7pm.  We were hoping to use the time change to get her to go to bed a tad later, ya know maybe 7:30/7:45 instead of 7, but nope not this girl.  She went down while it was still daylight. And because I love you all, here is a sneak peek from her photos this weekend: