Reality: Blogging Safety

In light of yesterday's post and the situation with my sweet friend Jess, I am reassessing and discussing blogger safety.


1. Think Carefully About How Public Your Blog Is - Even if you think you are small time blogger, be aware of what info you share and how public your blog is.  I used to share my blog via twitter, Instagram and such.  These were sent to public and anyone could come and see for the taking.  Remember the more info you share the less private your blog becomes.

2. Photos - Watermark, watermark, watermark!  I cannot stress this enough. And I am guilty of not doing so.  Here is how you can watermark your photos for free.  Also, you can use code that allows your photos to not be downloaded.

3. Feelings.  This may not seem big, but its important.  You probably express feelings in your blog through other ways than just writing. The poems you select, the music you list, the pictures you post-all these tell a lot about who you are and how you feel. A snapshot, too, can reveal how you feel about yourself-proud of your body, lacking self-confidence, sad, trying to look sexy or cool? All of this is great information to a predator who’s on the hunt and who would be delighted to make you feel important or special.

4. What Others Post. Make sure your friends and family know what you consider appropriate for sharing about you, your kids and such.  Even your blog friends.  I am always mindful of what I post about my other blog friends and I never share my IRL friend's info.

5. Be Smart. I have met several bloggers in real life. However, be smart.  Meet them in public, tell others where you are and trust your gut.

6. Report Problems.

7. Don't put it all out there.  Less is more.  Try not to use your whole name, address, schematics of your house.  The less your share the more protected you are.

Like I have said before I love the blogging community, but we all have to remember there are people out there who aren't friendly and forget the boundaries of real versus online.

LMWblogging safety