She's 1

And just like that, she's 1! We had a whirlwind weekend of family, party and cake.  Despite the rain that appeared just during her party, it was a wonderful day! Evie enjoyed playing with her friends, her ball pit, her busy board and her new toys.  She did not enjoy the smash cake, I think she got overwhelmed by all the people.

Sunday, her actual birthday, we went to the zoo and had a blast.  I carried her in the Ergo and she giggled and laughed and wanted to take home a meerkat.  She also wanted to touch every tree, bush, fence.  She has been very into textures (but wants no part of her feet touching grass).  After the zoo she took a nap and then enjoyed some playtime with her Grandma and Grandpa.  The "kids" took this opportunity to enjoy the sunshine and celebrate National Sibling Day.

I did snag some quiet time with her yesterday after her nap and before the rest of the family came back from lunch and I promise I only cried a little bit.  I held her tight and just took her in.  We had quite a year and I did not realize the emotions that would come with this day.  It was a mix of pride, sadness and hope.  I could remember how tiny she was the first time they placed her on my tummy and now she's 24 pounds of little girl. Ugh, time stop!

And for good measure, she just loved using her Uncle Mikey as a pillow and jungle gym. I promise a full recap of the party and all, when I recover.  Until then.

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