As you all know I am very close with several bloggers.  I love the blogging community and it has brought me close to three of my dearest and nearest.  So, when one of them is hurt I am hurt.  Today I feel violated because my friend Jess has been violated.  Please read her post. But here are the details.
A woman known as Tiffany Machulsky has stolen Jess' life.  Literally.  She has stolen photos of Jess' sweet babies and has been passing them and her whole life off as her own.  Please I ask that the blogging community unite and report her to instagram (@tiffanymachulsky)  and twitter (@TMachulsky7155 ).  And please look at your followers, if this woman follows you please see if you can see her photos.  She has now gone to private so anything we can do would help.
And remember, as much as we think this community is safe, its not. Protect your photos, be cognizant of who you allow to follow you, and never give out too much personal info.

LMWblogging safety