A Very Mother's Day Recap

So true Moms, am I right? I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day, whether you celebrated being a mom to humans, pups or kittens, (or all three!).  My day was wonderful.

First, I got to sleep in until 8 a.m. Yes, 8 a.m.!!! Total mom win! Then, Jason made me breakfast.  After breakfast, I enjoyed some playtime with E.  She is finally standing on her own and likes to do it whenever, so we did a lot of standing. E and I continued to play while J hit up the gym. Then, I put E down for a nap and about noon, our Sunday sitter arrived. J scheduled a pedicure for me and he joined me for the fun!  I relaxed and enjoyed some time with my honey.  Then we stopped by Lululemon so I could use a giftcard I had.  Then back home to my sweet baby girl and a family walk!

Post walk we did some more playing and some more standing. One day I know she will decide to take a step.

Then it was dinner, bath and bed!  I know it sounds pretty hum drum, but it was perfect. Relaxing, simple, nothing exciting, but all I wanted.

I know it sounds dumb, but I just had no desire for anything big or over the top.  In fact, I did not want any gifts, and the pedicure was more than enough.  Mother's Day is about so much more than fancy gifts, flowers, or brunches. For me its about celebrating the ups and downs, joys and sadness--its spending time with those we love and recognizing how hard a mom works. So, I don't have any flowers or gifts to Instagram or Facebook, what I have is a sweet baby girl and a loving husband who remind me the true beauty of motherhood.

It was so nice with a weekend where E was not sick. Yup, you heard me we have gone 7 days without being sick and today we are getting adenoids out.  So, prayers for her surgery and quick healing.