Confessional Thursday

It's that time again ladies, so link up with Danielle and I and let's dish.

I confess....

  • It's been great having my mom here to watch Evie after her surgery, but I am ready to get back to normal
  • It's was 89 here yesterday and I am not ready for it yet. Hold off summer, hold off!
  • I was legit crazy-a$$ mom on Monday at the hospital while watching my baby girl go crazy.
  • J was legit crazy daddy (he threw a popsicle across the room, no joke)
  • My best friend from law school is getting married this weekend and I am looking forward to it, but secretly knowing I will be exhausted by the end.
  • We are wearing these dresses from RTR, I'm a little scared stoked to see how it turns out.
  • I am also kinda dreading the wedding because I may have had a falling out with one of the maid of honor bridesmaids over the bachelorette and I have no clue how she will umm receive me
  • Kama is going to make a beautiful bride and I am just so excited to see her have her big day and marry her Mr. Right. I mean girl has stood by me... twice.

  • I confess I need a vacation and August seems so far away for our way overdue honeymoon that we have not even actually planned yet.
  • I confess I wonder if anyone actually follows this blog anymore other than the handful of people I converse with everyday. I used to have tons when I had the old blog.... Or its just because I am old, married and a mama and not interesting anymore lol.
Thanks for stopping by and linking up and confessing with us!