Confessional Thursday

AGHHH I am so sorry this is late! It's pouring here, I had a late work night and well let's just get down to it.

I confess....

  • If I planned out posts this would not happen
  • E's teacher at school told me she has been walking at school... ya know no big deal and she wouldn't at home until last night, but the fact that she does it at school bugs me. It's one of the working mom guilt things
  • J put her in an outfit yesterday that made me want to change her. The pieces were cute just not together, but I hate to hurt his feelings so off she went.
  • I took E to a Happy Hour yesterday. Yup, Mom of the Year! Granted it was not at a bar and was for the girls who graduated from our small group and who have babysat for her. and she did well!
  • I still have not told our group we have left the church.
  • J is headed to visit his brother in Florida and I may go get E's ears pierced while he's gone. Yes he is ok with it, but I would rather him not see it done.
  • I have seriously contemplated another profession a lot in the past month.
  • If we don't book Hawaii soon I may revolt.
  • I am slightly addicted to Starbuck's chocolate marble loaf ( for breakfast)
  • I have been underwhelmed by the fit of my Fabletics items as of late and am going to cancel. It always looks cute but never quite fits right.
  • My one dog eats poop and I don't know why. It grosses me out and I have no clue how to stop it. Help!
That's all I've got today people! Link up and confess it out.