Hello Friday

Hello weekend-eve readers. Its just a few hours til those lovely words Saturday and Sunday! So, enjoy the day. But here is what's on my Friday Five:

1. The chocolate marble loaf I have been devouring like mad, well, its finally caught up with my waistline so back to salads for lunch for a little bit. Plus, I have felt sluggish and tired lately so I think it will be a good restart.

2. I was overwhelmed with support over my Wednesday blog about blogging. I am so glad there are those of you who like hearing my mundane life.

3. Shorts.  Yes, its shorts season here in Texas and my wardrobe needs a small overall in that department. I am still sporting shorts from 4 years ago that are looking pretty tired. I am hoping to add some cute new ones. Thoughts on where to go?

4. So, E's school called twice yesterday. The first time it was because she threw up because she has been putting her fingers down her throat and gagging herself, the second was because she was purple legs.  So, I trotted down to her school to examine it. She looked fine to me, so I just took her back to the office with me for an hour.  I get her home and wouldn't you know, the purple was ink from her jeans.

5. E officially moves up to the next class Monday.  She has been going back and forth (mostly due to room), but her teacher says she needs to be up because she is bored in the little room and has no one to play with.  She is ready and I am hoping she will take off running soon.  She has also learned where her tummy and hair are.  She loves to brush her hair every morning like mommy.

And that's that ya'll. Have a super weekend.

LMWfive on friday