Living in Chaos

I know doing this small kitchen remodel would cause some inconvenience.  I knew it would conjure up dust, have our furniture everywhere and cause the pups to be displaced. But man, its chaos!

Our entire downstairs flooring, minus our bedroom, is being replaced.  That's over 1000 sq. feet of carpet and tile that had to be removed.  Oh the tile.  It was apparently super stuck down and was way more work to get up.  So, this is what I came home to:

The last one is our kitchen where the majority of the tile lived. And yes that is grout and pieces of the back of the tile still stuck firmly to the subfloor.  Talk about dust!  And our contractor is doing a great job of trying to contain the dust, but still, holy moly!  I admit, it was kind of sad watching E sit in her high chair in the middle of the concrete jungle of our downstairs last night. And, let's add in she has been super fussy lately so ya know no big deal.

So, my point, I do not know how you ladies have endured a total reno job!  We are only doing floors, backsplash and painting the cabinets, and I already want to throw in the towel.  I then remembered the epic disaster that was my master bathroom in my first house with M.  You know where he decided to have remodeling start the week I took the bar exam.  A remodel that was supposed to take two weeks and lasted 4! Four weeks on a small master bathroom where no major appliances were being removed!

So, here is my work in progress! Not pictured is my entire downstairs packed into my garage, which smells like dirty man, my entire upstairs that looks like a daycare since all of E's stuff is up there at the moment, and my poor pups who looked so lost and confused.

With that  being said, I am super excited for tomorrow's post.  With the reno going on, its made me want to redo my entire living room! So, I am going to share with you what my dream living room would be (you know if I had all the money on the world, and my husband would let me paint the walls grey!).

So, how have you handled reno chaos?

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