Well, hello again Monday, its me. Oh and its overcast and might rain all week? Lovely. Let's just get through this week and then its long weekend!! Can I get an Amen? So, here is my weekend in a nutshell.

Friday. Hubs was out of town in Florida so it was just E and I.  We caught an early dinner at a little bistro and enjoyed sharing our sugar cookie.  I admit it was a tad strange to be home with just E and the pups. The house was super quiet and I admit, it was kind of nice to just have some time to myself once she went to bed. But we did engage in some pre-bed time shenanigans.

Saturday.  We headed off to the last class of Little Gym for the season and girl was on the go.  She walked more than she has ever and had a blast.  My mom joined us and afterward we headed to the same little bistro for lunch.  Its super girly and so when the Hubs is away, its my go-to.  After lunch we all headed home for a nap.  After our nap, E and I got ready to head to her first TCU baseball game.  She lasted an hour and a half, and I got to catch up with one of my sorority sisters and former roommates who was in town from Kansas.  E ate a tub of popcorn,  but had a blast.

Sunday. E got her ear pierced.


I have it on video and despite the initial tears (that only last a minute) she did great. And she got ice cream after. Win win.

And that's that today. Today, however, is the start of the kitchen/downstairs remodel.  Floors are being torn out and being prepare for hardwoods.  The puppies are at doggie day camp for the day and hopefully soon, no more carpet or ugly tile! Hooray.