What's Hap-Pinning Wednesday: I Blog For me

It's Wednesday and I am linking up with Jenn and Jessi this fine rainy morning. I have not pinned anything new or even perused pinterest as of late since we know what we are doing in the kitchen and work begins Monday. But, what I have been pondering lately is blogging.  I have seen so many bloggers that I have followed since I started blogging grow and change and use their blogs to become business owners. Me, however, well I have less followers than when I started (I blame closing down my original blog due to my Dallas job), I don't blog every day and often my blogs well probably are not that interesting to anyone. But that's because I blog for me.
When I started this blog way back when I was chronicling my first year as newlywed and first year associate at a law firm.  I knew little about blogging, blog design or how to gain and attract followers.  I started following some other blogs and low and behold I watched my baby grow. I blogged about whatever hit me that day or morning, joined in link ups and very rarely did I plan out my posts (I still very rarely plan them).  When you arrived at my blog each morning you got what was on my mind that day. And its the same today.
Granted, now my posts tends to focus around raising a toddler, nut nonetheless I blog for me.  I have no rhyme or reason to my posts (other than Confessional Thursday), they are not thought out or planned on some calendar.  I forget when I say I am going to talk about something more often than not and promise updates and never follow through.  See, this little piece of the interwebs is just for me.  It allows me to get things (to a certain extent) off my chest, bounce ideas, and document where I am or E is in life.\
Yes, there are times I think it would be great if I could make some money from this blog, but its not my goal, and honestly  I do not have the time to track down ways to do so.  Yes, I miss having more followers and commenters, but at the end of the day I want those of you who come here each day to do so because you simply enjoy it. I hope I make you see that life is not all sunshine and roses, that not every mom is addicted or obsessed with their child, that its ok to want a career along with a family, and that my husband and I are pretty normal mundane people.
Yes, I blog for no one other than me.