What's Hap-Pinning Wednesday

It's Hump Day! It's mid-week! It's almost Friday. And I am exhausted. So, for this episode of What's Hap-pinnig Wednesday I thought I would tell you what's going on in my world.

1. E Update: She is back to her normal self!  She's a happy, giggly, trying to walk 13 month old!

2. Local politics. My local ISD implemented a new policy regarding bathrooms much like Target.  It has stirred up great debate, but mostly animosity, hate, and fear. I have also found that I do not share the same thoughts and view as many of my friends on this issue. So, what do you think?

3. House Updates: We have decided on a flooring and tile contractor and met with the painter Monday. So, operation kitchen update will be underway soon.

4. Reading. I love to read and would call myself an avid reader, but man its hard when you are so tired by the end of the day. But currently, I am readying Private Paris.

Paris is burning--and only Private's Jack Morgan can put out the fire.

When Jack Morgan stops by Private's Paris office, he envisions a quick hello during an otherwise relaxing trip filled with fine food and sightseeing. But Jack is quickly pressed into duty after a call from his client Sherman Wilkerson, asking Jack to track down his young granddaughter who is on the run from a brutal drug dealer.

Before Jack can locate her, several members of France's cultural elite are found dead--murdered in stunning, symbolic fashion. The only link between the crimes is a mysterious graffiti tag. As religious and ethnic tensions simmer in the City of Lights, only Jack and his Private team can connect the dots before the smoldering powder keg explodes.

I am more than half-way in and loving it. I am also a huge James Patterson fan and have read several of the other Private books. I admit this one took me a tad longer to get into, but now I am hooked.

5. Blonder. I had a highlight update this week and went summer blonde. Now I just need to decide whether to keep it short and start growing it out again.

please ignore the bags under my eyes and the bad angle.
6. Sandals. I am in need of some new sandals.  I have my eye on these and these. What do you think? I also would love a pair like this:

And that is what's happening with me this week. See you all back here tomorrow for Confessional Thursday.