A Room of My Own

I have been on a me kick as of late. You know where you dream of all the things you wish you could do in all the free time you have dreamed up. In the land of no responsibility, no babies, no job... catch my drift?  Well, in all this overzealous me thinking I decided I wanted a wo-man cave. Quite like the concept of a man cave, except no men allowed.  Or toddlers for that matter.  Yes, it would be a room of my own. My little own diva den!

J thought I was crazy at this thought.  He pointed to my "office" that resides at the top of the landing of our stairs and wreaks of all things that have no place.  Sure it has a desk and my cross collection, but it is not a room, and surely not my own. So, I threw caution to the wind and decided to design my room.

Hollywood glam.  Yes, its totally not what I would normally gravitate towards, but heck, it my dream, my room so I'm going all out!

I love the lush couch, the opulent, ornate mirrors, and chairs.  I want a chandelier, super cute throw pillows, and these luscious bar stools for some extra seating.  I have envied every blogger who has that white desk, arranged perfectly in a room with well-placed décor on top!  Oh a girl can dream!
You can check out my inspiration on my Pinterest and check out Chairish.com  Cherish is the ultimate place to find vintage, designer furniture at half-the price.  I perused it while I was doing my downstairs living room and wanted a mid-century modern kick and have fallen in love with tons of the stuff, including those bar stools
What would your dream room of your own look like?
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