And We Weekended

It's Monday. Oh Monday. I have an extremely busy week this week. I have a huge motion due Thursday which I have been tirelessly working on for almost a week. I have my first KEEP Online social Thursday and well, its hot.

So let's see what I was up to this weekend.

Saturday night we actually went out.  Yes, you heard it. One of J's good friends is leaving for Colorado so we ventured out.

My super cute shirt from Pearl & Monroe

The wives club

Sunday E and I got up and headed out to get daddy some donuts.  A super cute, new donut shop opened here and its been all the rave.  They have been selling out within an hour.  So we were in line at 7:45 am for an 8 am open time.  We waited 45 minutes and nabbed some yummy flavors.  We got mocha, double stuff (think oreo on a donut), strawberry, maple bacon, Nolan express (ghost pepper and mint), and regular glaze.  We also got daddy some coffee, since he stayed out til 1 am the night before and was not feeling so great.

Father's day was coffee-themed. And then we headed to the zoo for some spl
ash pad fun.

E loves water and we had to tear away from the fun.  She would have stayed for hours if we let her.
The rest of the day was spent grocery shopping, working, and prepping for the kitchen cabinet painting. Yes! Today is the day, my kitchen cabinets turn white!  This is the last step in our kitchen makeover and I am so excited!  After this, its just painting trim, the kitchen walls, and new light fixtures and my downstairs will be done!
I'll post photos of the progress!
Happy Monday all.