Confessional Thursday

Holy sort week! It's already Thursday and time for some confessions. So link up with Danielle and I and get to it.

I confess I have had zero desire to cook lately. I even had out fridge stocked with things and time came and none of it sounded good.

I confess I am at my wit's end with the toddler temper tantrums that come out of nowhere. Seriously, baby PMS?

I confess I about killed my husband last week for walking on the dusty, dirty concrete floor and then tracking up upstairs and into bedroom because he did not take his shoes off, even after I told him to... 3 times!

I confess, my mom bought E the cutest little table and chairs, but its too big for her, but she insists on sitting in the chairs, but fell out, so we hid it. Just until she grows.

I confess, watching E zip and zoom around the house makes my smile.

I confess this weekend included some drama that included my nephew's mother. Long story that I will share some other time.

 I confess I do not like the concept of shared snacks in E's class. So, am I overreacting?   Her new room does shared snacks. Each parent signs up for pre-set snacks. My problem is I don't really like the choices.  Most of them are processed, pre-packaged stuff.  E loves fruit and grains and such and that it what I have always sent her for snacks and would prefer to cheerios, fruit snacks, goldfish and graham crackers.  I'm not strict about tons of things, but I totally believe that if you offer a kid crap, they will only want crap.  She loves fruit and whole foods and I would prefer to keep it that way for as long as I can.  Am I crazy? Should I say something? Or should I avoid being that mom?

Link up ladies and dish it out.