Confessional Thursday

It's that time again, you know the drill, link up with Danielle and me, and join our little confesh sesh.

I confess I was so nervous to announce my new venture yesterday, but was overwhelmed with the love and support!  I am excited to begin this new business journey and would love to help any of you design something wonderful!

I confess I am so excited that both my alma maters are headed to Omaha for the CWS.

I confess I have taken Tylenol PM every night this week just to fall asleep.

I confess 5 am toddler wake up calls will never be ok.

I confess I am so excited for the return of Orange is the New Black this weekend. I binged watched last season while I was on maternity leave. 

I confess I am trying desperately to get things together for Father's Day for J. Nothing like last minute!

What are you confessing this week?