Friday Five

Oye, its Friday and boy am I glad.  So let's get down to business with the Friday 5:

1.  KEEP. Yup, I went out on a limb and decided to do something for me.  I am so excited about this opportunity and would love to host a social with any of you interested. It's super easy, i.e. no work for you, but awesome rewards.

2. Work. Good, bad, ugly, I need to remember I have a job, using my degree, so I am truly blessed.

3. Toddler-dum. Seriously, can we talk about toddlers? Again, I refer to my as the tyrant at times.  She is literally a walking teenager in diapers who can't talk.  She can go from giggles to full on melt down in 60 seconds flat. (and back again just as quick). But, amongst the roller coaster emotions, is a sweet, roly poly baby girl who loves to explore and understand how things work, including mommy and daddy's emotions.

4. Baseball time in Texas. It's hot. Yup, highs in the 90's, humidity through the roof, but its baseball time in Texas and our teams are HOT.

From the Frogs and Red Raiders in Omaha to the Texas Rangers on a winning streak. Gotta love America's favorite past time.

5. New Releases! OITNB and Finding Dory!!

 OK, I have a 6. Father's Day.

Happy Father's Day to my loving husband and wonderful girl dad.

LMWfive on friday