Friday Fri-Yay

Hello Friday! This has been quite the trying week, so I am so glad to see it come to a close. I also want to thank everyone who has reached out, texted, emailed, and called. It's truly amazing to know this little village is always here for me. So let's get on with Friday 5:

1. The quote above, I have this one on my quote board. Yes, I have a quote board. It was started by my first assistant at my first firm. She would leave little post-it notes for me with sayings or words and they stuck, literally. I have slowly added to it over time and keep it in my office. It also has pics, thank you notes and such.

2. Remember way back when I got some super cute slide tennis shoes in my Trunk Club box? But could not part with $250 for them? Well, I finally grabbed this pair.

I think they cost me $20 and you'll never guess where I snagged them? Avon. Yup, you heard me right. My mom sells Avon and I was looking through her catalog and bam! They are rose gold, super light and have air cushion inserts.

3. E and her shopping cart.

I broke down and bough her the Melissa & Doug cart. She loves this thing. She shops for toys and mostly my hair products in the bathroom and has just started to take Violet with her. And some day that paci will be gone, I promise.

4. Hawaii! We finally booked our honeymoon. 6 days in gorgeous Oahu, staying on Waikiki! This will be my view.  People have given me some great tips and places to go, and I am so grateful, but honestly if I only saw Pearl Harbor and the beach I would be ok.

5. Well, I don't have much for a 5, but wanted to thank everyone who has linked up for Confessional Thursday. It's been a blast  getting to know some new friends and hanging onto a link-up that is near and dear to my blogger heart.

Have a fabulous weekend all.
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