Confessional Thursday

And its Thursday! You know what that means, its confession time. Link up with Danielle and I and let it out.

I confess I treated myself to a peel yesterday.  My skin has been a little lackluster since having E, I have been plagued by acne, blackheads, discoloration, and well just no radiance. I was thinking of a facial, but then I saw a friend who recently opened her own medspa and was offering a great deal on Epionce lite peel.  Ya'll, it was amazing.  It's considered a "lunch" peel.  I have had a peel before and it burned and my face was so sensitive for days.  This was not that. I was also introduced to Epionce products.  I have been a loyal Rodan + Fields user for three years now, but I think my skin is beyond R+F so I am going to try some new stuff.  I will let you know how it works.  I went with the Melanolyte Tx and the Melanocyte Pigment Perfection Serum.  I am hoping to fight my melasma and such and this looks promising.

I confess that was a very long confession.

I confess I have an hair appointment next week and I am going to see a new girl at a new place ( I know, I am breaking up with stylist). I LOVE my girl, I have been going to her for 5 years now.  We have been through a lot together, but I need a change. I am also thinking of slight hair change, maybe some side swept bangs.... we will see.

I confess I have been binge watching Friday Night Lights and I am addicted.  I have had so many people as me if this is what life was like for me growing up in a small town in Texas.  And to answer your questions, yes and no.  Yes, football was king, but so was basketball and baseball.  Yes I am sure we had booster that did some crazy things to support the program, but nothing like Buddy Garrity.  No, our players did not drink (all the time), skip school on the regular, and have people do their homework (all the time). Football players were held to a higher standard by our teachers, mostly because we had a coach who made education a priority.  And no, we did not run around town without checking in with our parents.  I mean these kids just act like they are adults 24/7.  Yes, we did have racial issues, class issues, and fights erupted in our halls, but I am sure you find this anywhere.  Yes my school won the football state 5-A championship in 1998 and it took 20 buses to bring in the team, band and cheerleaders.  Yes we had a parade to celebrate and the rings were huge (my brother has one).  But, we also won the State basketball championship that year and came in second in baseball oh and our Girls' basketball team is like a dynasty.  Ok, so in Texas sports are huge.

I confess again another long confession.

I confess I am getting antsy and excited for Hawaii!

And last, but not least, this is not a confession, but I wanted to congratulate a wonderful friend and blogger on the announcement of her precious baby due in February! Congrats Neely.

And that's it my friends.