Pray for Dallas

It is with a heavy heart that I post today.  I am saddened. I am fearful. I am stunned.  The incident that occurred last night happened just steps from where I was yesterday afternoon and blocks from where I worked for a year. Please pray for Dallas.

But let's pray for more.  Let's pray for humankind.  Do not lay blame.  This is a greater problem for which I do not have the answers.  What I do know is that on both sides of the story people are being killed.

I do not want to engage in a political argument on this and the series of incidences in this country.  Here is what I know.  There are good and bad people in both camps.  My brother is a former police officer and I know he put himself in danger every day to protect others.  I know encountered situations that may look simple to the outside, but were't.  I know that it is a thankless job.  I also know that tons of innocent lives have been taken due to what appears to be inept police work.

I also know that battle lines have been drawn and the discourse has begun.  But think before you speak.  Step away from you keyboard before you type out a response or comment to any of the events that have occurred in the past month.  I am not asking you to be silent, but to be intentional with your words. And to pray.

Pray for Dallas.  Pray for the police officers injured and killed.  Pray for the families of the lives taken across the country.  Pray for humankind.
LMWpray for dallas