What's Hap-pinning Wednesday

Decided to do a little currently post thanks to my wonderful BOFF.

Currently I'm…

going: to daycare and back, Dallas and back, yup nowhere exciting

reading: the newest James Patterson

anticipating: the next few months. Lots of changes are happening in our life and we go to Hawaii in a month and a half!

loving: my family and friends. Seriously, I have some of the best. Thanks to everyone who has reached out in the past couple days to check on me.

smelling: grass and paint. I am in the midst of cleaning out our flower beds from the hideously overgrown monkey grass and getting ready to paint our baseboards.

wearing: little to no make-up, way too hot!

whishlisting: a new bathing suit for Hawaii and something on the job horizon that allows me to be close to home and to spend time with my baby girl.