Friday 5

It's Friday! I am exactly 2 weeks from Hawaii! Can I get an Amen!

So, I made it the week at the new job. Despite the small commute and insurance issues, its going well.  I think this was a much better choice.

So, now we are prepping for our trip.

1. Pearl Harbor Tickets

2. Swim Suits.  I need a couple new ones that fit. I was disappointed in the VS ones this year so looking for some other suggestions.

3. Hats.  I totally want this one, but we all know I'm not made of money, so thinking of something like this:

4. Olympics: I have a bone to pick with NBC.  I want to see gymnastics... at a decent hour.  I do not want to be up at 10:30 pm to watch it.  Swimming semi-finals live.... they can wait. I want to see the FINALS of gymnastics.  I have literally only seen about an hour of it that they squeeze in at 7pm. Come on NBC.

5. Dessert. I have had a total sweet tooth as of late. Meaning I crave something sweet at the end of every meal.  As in cannot keep my mind of it and will go crazy until I have something sweet.  I am considering getting back on the Plexus bandwagon to kill this craving.  My belly would thank me.

So happy weekend all!

LMW5 on Friday