Again, I went through another weekend without taking a single photo. Blogger fail.

I did, however, have a busy weekend.

1. J and I decided to paint the kitchen this weekend. We started Saturday afternoon and finished today at noon. We did take breaks haha.  Its a lovely shade of blue that I can getting used to.  It was not my first choice, but trying to convince my husband to paint every room grew was not going to work. So rain dance blue it is.

2. My mom came into town to help with E while we painted.  We also celebrated her 68th birthday. We took her to dinner, got her a chocolate bundt cake and gave her unfettered access to her granddaughter.  She was in heaven.

3. Sleep.  E has been sleeping a bit better lately.  J and I have been taking turns sleeping upstairs so at least one of gets a full night.

4. The in-laws arrive Tuesday.  Yup, they are coming in several days before we leave to get acclimated and learn E's routine.  But that means 3 days with them before we leave.  They are lovely people, really, but my worst fear is them thinking I am a horrible mother since I have the toddler tyrant and my days often end with a crying baby and a frustrated mom. I just keep telling myself 5 day to Hawaii. 5 days....

5. Work. The new job is ok. Not sure its a long term solution mostly because of the drive and my boss' total lack of understanding about babies, but the work is fine, my co-workers are fine, its well just fine.

6. These shoes.

I got a pair in my Trunk Club trunk and I am in love.  Black, suede, Tom's.... swoon.

I also got a pair of Black skinny jeans by Paige denim which are my fav.  Seriously, you want great jeans that do not stretch out... Paige.  Worth the $$.

And that is all this Monday. I am also sending  good thoughts to my friend Jenn. Love you girl.