Coming Back

Just wanted to drop in on this wonderful Thursday to let you know that I will be returning to open blogging next week!

And here is why:

Its been no secret that I have been up and down on the job front. In fact, I have started to apply to non law jobs and hoping something may pan out.  But in the meantime, I was offered two different law jobs this week.  But, I am turning them both down.

Yes, one of them is in Fort Worth, but the offer was ok, but not ok for the fact that they have a 200 billable hour a month requirement. 200 people. That is over 9 hours a day that I would have to be billing. Which means at least 11 in the office. So, yes shorter commute, but I would still be away from her for the same amount of time. The second is a tad less commute, but offered les money than I am making now and its a totally different type of law.  I would basically be subbing apples for apples. So, my plan is stay where I am.  To be honest, its not awful.  The commute is not ideal, but the office is casual, the billables are manageable and yes I can bring  my dog to work. It also allows me to continue to figure out what I want to do and wait to see if some of the non-law things pan out.

There is also perhaps something on the job front for my sweet husband. So, for now,  I will continue to lawyer and return to public blogging.  However, the blogging is going to change a tad. I've decided I want to focus on things I love again. I want to start sharing some workouts with you all, especially for the moms with no time on their hands. I also want to get back to some recipes and well, just sharing the ups and downs of raising a family.

So, look for a whole new outlook come Monday!