It's Friday and I am ready for the weekend. This week has crept by for me.  E has been on and off the sleeping roller coaster and so I am just exhausted, But, its Friday and I shall commence the Friday 5:

1.  The Starbuck's drive-thru line. Why must it wrap around the building, twice? Seriously?

2. Fall. It has officially commenced--in theory. Although there are 70 degree temps in the Texas forecast.

3. My diet. I need to get on some kind of plan. I have been so tired I haven't packed lunches and have been indulging way too much. (Exhibit A, the Chikin minis I had this morning)

4. And on the diet bandwagon I need to get back into my workouts. Since I workout at 5:30 am, if E doesn't sleep there is no way I can make it. And that has been the case for every Thursday workout since I have gotten back from Hawaii.

5. Chloe at work. Yup, I have the sweet oldest Winter pup at work with me today. I figure it would be a nice treat for her. However, not sure how Sophie will feel at home alone.

Happy first Friday of Fall ya'll!