Confessional Thursday

Its Confessional Thursday all! Link up with Danielle and I and let's get to that confess mesh. I confess....

I am over the moon excited that Jenn has finally shared her good baby news! I have known for a little bit and was busting at the seams for her to share the news. Baby G is already so loved and blessed.

I am also so excited that my BOFF Pinky has a job! For this we have prayed! I know you will rock this new endeavor girl.

I am over summer weather in Texas. Over it. I have run out of clothing options for E and well, I would like a bit of fall.

My hubs has a new job! He's done with the contracting game and going direct. Yahoo!

E is going to be a hula girl for Halloween and we tested it out Monday and it was adorbs.

As for me, I will begin a new law path Monday. I am leaving private practice and going to work for the city.  What the jobs lacks in pay, it makes up for in regular hours, no billable, and three weeks of vacation, oh and good benefits we can afford.

So that's what I'm confessing today, what about you?