I'm Back

Welcome back! If you are reading this, then you either are an avid, loyal reader or... I reappeared in your blogroll. It has been quite the last two months, but I am excited to be back and bring you some good stuff. I am hoping to re-focus on the things I passionate about. So, let's start this week off with a little weekend recap.

Saturday, well as much as I would like to forget that Horned Frog loss, it was a great game and a great time by all.   But the best thing about Saturday? My epic returning to running. Ok, so it wasn't epic at all. It was a measly 2 mile run jog. But it felt good. The weather was gorgeous and well I have decided I will be a runner again.

I also snapped this cute before Little Gym sporting her big girl ponytail. I swear that pony makes her look 5!

Sunday was an easy peasy lazy day. Did a little shopping with my mom before she headed back home. Made a Target run with the hubs.  Made a new crockpot dinner consisting of chicken and artichoke hearts and then did a little fall baking.

It may have been in the upper 80's, but out house smelled and tasted like fall with these pumpkin spice muffins! I even whipped up a little cream cheese frosting.

And that's all folks! I promise you all a full Hawaii recap since that has not happened yet and lots of books reviews, recipes, and workout stuff! Oh and I suppose some toddler news here and there. Thanks to everyone who stuck out the last 2 months with me.