What' Hap-Pinning Wednesday

It's been a hot minute since I have linked up with Jenn and Jessi. But today I bring you a serious WHW.  It has happened again. I posted about this scary event back in February, but she is back.  My good friend and sweet blogger, now gone private, Jess of The Newly has had her precious babies hacked again.

Yes, there is a disturbed woman who had managed to gain access to Jess' Instagram photos again and has taken them, posted them as her own and claims that her precious three babies are hers.  This time she even posted a photo of Jess' mom holding her newest baby. Ya'll the internet is a scary place.

Please, think twice about what you post. Be weary of photos of your babies and please watermark them. I know I have not been great about doing this, but I should. But the said part is that the law had not caught up with technology in all states.

I am lucky in that Texas has some very specific laws on the books regarding online impersonation.  But not every state has.  We need to be advocates for change.  As bloggers, we know firsthand the dangers of online predators, online bullies, and the power of social media.  I urge you to familiarize yourself with the laws in your state regarding online impersonation, online stalking and the like.  And if you do not have the laws on the books, speak out.  Call your congressman and woman and urge them to get those laws on the books.