Confessional Thursday

Hey ya'll! I know, total MIA as of late. To tell you the truth, I have been trying to get acclimated to the new schedule of life these days.  I also have been staying away from social media in light of the election craziness. But, alas, now I feel I need to do a little Thursday confessing.

I confess my new schedule has been great. I have so much more time with my baby girl, even if I often want to throw her out with the bath water.  Lordy, I feel the terrible twos have started set in.

I confess I did not watch how the election played out last night. I turned on Hallmark channel, did some work and ignored the media. I wish I had done the same thing this morning. Appalling.  Not that either side won or loss, I am appalled rather at my fellow man.  The anger, fear, and pure hatred I witnessed on social media today was appalling.  I witnessed educated men and women, uneducated men and women, mothers and fathers spewing pure hatred.  I understand the fear of the unknown, but the utter disrespect for men and woman shown in the aftermath of the election scares me more than the results.

I confess I prayed today. I prayed for people to realize that anger, fear, and hatred is not the way to react.

I confess I know the next four years will be perhaps the most prolific and interesting time in American history.

What are you confessing today?

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