Hi there! Just checking in to let you know I have not disappeared off the face of the earth. I know I promised some changes and new stuff and then well life got in the way.  I have been trying to adjust to the new job and my husband's new job.  I love the new job! Its wonderful to come home at 5 and not check my email once.  I am love being present for E as she is ever-changing.

Speaking of changing.... Man she is!  She has started to talk... non stop. Girl is a chatter box.  She knows her colors, animals but my favorite is when she grabs her arms and says "Brrr. Cold."  Gets my every time.  She also is totally into coloring these days.  Girl loves her some crayons.  She is still not into TV and I guess I should be happy.  I also feel like so she has grown up in the past month.  She looks like a little girl now and not my sweet baby.

Oh, and I chopped my hair!  I was ready for a change so off it went.

In other E news, we are dealing with a major sleep regression.  She has been up and screaming at 3am for the past few weeks.  I finally just decided to let her deal with it.  She has some things in her crib to help her, but mama needs sleep!

And lastly, I am on a new workout program.  I have been going to a bootcamp for the past year, but 1. its at 5:30 am and well with the no sleeping it doesn't work and 2. its not cheap and with the payout, we are on the saving kick.  So, I am doing some Beachbody workouts.  Currently doing Core de Force and loving it.  Its so much core work and I even got the hubs to do them too. I also have Beachbody on Demand and have been enjoying a mix of home workouts.  Ive added in some running and will do some weight stuff too, but I just have to stay motivated to keep doing my workouts at home and not slack.

And that's what's been up with me. Hope you're still reading!