2017 Here I come

Hi there everyone! Yup, I know its been a very long time since I have posted. But here I am.  I am currently at home, sipping coffee, watching the Today Show all while E is at school! Yup, you heard me, toddler free for the day! One of my intentions for this year is to return to this space for its intended purpose: a place for me to share me.  I may not be here often, but I am hoping to pop in when I need a space to vent or share.

So, what else is on my intentions list?

  • drink more water
  • be more patient with Evie
  • be more patient with my husband
  • stay on budget
  • plan 3 meals a week
  • only spend money on things that are truly needed
  • take more time for me
Som what are your intentions for this new year?