It is a constant struggle for everyone to find the perfect balance between, well it all. The work/life balance, the mom/wife balance, the wife, mom/friend balance, you get my drift. The truth is there is no perfect balance and just when you think you get the hang of it, something new comes along and upsets the delicate "balance" you developed. If you are anything like me, you probably feel like a circus performer walking the tightrope struggling to stay upright and not on your butt. I walk that tightrope everyday wearing the many hats of me. Let's be real ladies, it's exhausting.

The constant donning of hats takes such a toll on our bodies, minds, and souls. And the worst part, as women we rarely don the one hat we need to most: ourselves. We put off me time for work, our kids, our husbands, the PTA, the Junior League, the baby showers, wedding showers, birthday happy hours and the tons of other commitments we find ourselves drawn to. It's in our blood.

So, how do we stop it? We don't. We embrace it. We as women have evolved into this miraculous species that can endure anything. We thrive against all odds. We are strong independent creatures that can do it all. Embrace it.