Ya’ll, I don’t blog much anymore, heck at all. Somewhere between a full-time job and raising a kid I either lost my motivation or lost time. It’s sad really. I used to find such solace in the words I poured out on the blank page.  It was cathartic and scary all at once.  It also connected me to so many wonderful women across the country. It is truly amazing what the words on a screen can do for you.  Never in a million years did I imagine it would allow me to form a bond with women whom I had never met.

I think that is a true testament to how social women are.  We crave connection, society and the collective “we.”  Yes, you know what I am talking about.  We as women take pleasure in listening to someone else’s story and saying, “yes.”  Yes, that happens to me, or I totally agree, or the secret satisfaction of knowing that you are simply not the only person going through life.

That is the part of blogging I miss. It is harder for women as we get older to fulfill that need for society.  We become caught up in our other roles of mother, wife, boss, colleague, volunteer, PTA president, Junior League member, chauffeur that we forget that we also need to be a friend and to be friended.  Happy hours become fewer and far between, dinners and pedicures go by the wayside for soccer practice and baking 12 dozen cupcakes at midnight.  It’s isolating at times.

Sure, we see our friends and promise to set up something soon, but we don’t, and not because we don’t want to, but because we just don’t “have the time.” 

So, I don’t have any magic words of wisdom or advice on how to do it all—all I have is an emptiness that needs to be filled and I know it is up to me do.  I can text my friends, set up a date, take a girls’ day, chat until 2am.  I need to stop waiting for someone to make it happen for me.  I need to be a better friend so that I get what I need as well—friendship.