Parenting For Dummies

I wish I had all the answers to parenting a toddler. Heck, I wish I had one answer to parenting a toddler.  The truth is my daughter is Dr. Jekyll and toddler Hyde.  She goes from sweet to total meltdown at the drop of, well anything. I know this isn't news to anyone who has a toddler.  You have all been there, endured the endless hours of trying to convince your child to do _____ (insert anything here) and lived to tell the tale.

As parents we will do whatever we can to master the toddler.  Parenting book--read them all; support group--asked for help; bribing--we have 800 dollar spot toys; wine--anymore and I will be deemed an alcoholic.  So, what have I learned?  Let it go.  Yes, just let it go.  I refuse to let her win.

Seems simple, but its not.  It takes every fiber of my being not to throw her out with the bath water. I constantly have to take deep breaths, walk away and generally refuse to let her get to me.  Because if she gets to me, then she wins, and to heck if I am going to let a two year old win!