In Shape

Who else finds it hard to get in a workout when you're a full time working mom? Heck, when you're a mom in general is becomes harder to get in workouts.

I used to be a 5am workout person.  I was even after E was born. I hit up a bootcamp twice a week at 5:30 am. Working out not only made me strong it gave me energy to get through the day.  And then, it didn't.  It became increasingly harder for me to force myself to get up at 5 to get to the gym by 5:30.  I also stopped caring during the workouts.  I had had enough. I needed that hour of my life back to sleep. Breaking up with a gym was so hard for me.  I had been an avid workout person since I competed in Miss Texas.  It was the one thing in my life I had control of. It was my stress relief.

So, I went in search of something new. I wanted to ability to get in a good workout in mostly less than 45 minutes. I used to do the Insanity DVDs and loved them. So, at the insistence of a friend from high school I looked into Beach Body on Demand.  I spend less on it in a year than I did on any gym and I have so many workouts to choose from.  Ya'll, most of them are less than 30 minutes.

I wish I was being paid for this one, but I just mom-to-mom, woman-to-woman had to share this.  I can pick and choose my workouts for whatever mood I'm in.  Its great for because I can sneak them in before dinner, after she goes to bed or even in the morning when I can drag my butt out of bed.

I still run and prefer it to most workouts these days, but I know I need to lift weights and get in agility training. I can even find pilates and yoga, which E loves to do with me.  Actually, she prefers the kickboxing so she can do kicks and jumping jacks.  Ya'll when she comes up and says mommy we do workout, it warms my heart. So, no matter how you get in a workout, get one in.  It will make you a better woman, mom, wife, employee.

As the old adage goes....