Sticks and Stones

I hated high school.  The cattiness, the cliques, the mean girls.  The best thing I ever did was graduate and head to college.  But, you know, some people never change and people are people, or shall I say, mean girls are mean girls.

 I hate that women get the bad rap of being petty, malicious, and catty.  I hate that women are these things. I hate that social media allows people to hide behind a screen and continue to tear others down.  As the old adage goes, two wrongs don't make a right. So, whether you believe someone has wronged you, tearing them down to make yourself feel better is being no better than the original wrongdoer.

The same goes for perpetuating the cycle of the mean girl.  Think twice about liking stories you see on social media.  Think twice about commenting when you don't know the whole story. And last, but not least, stick by your girlfriends.  Hold tight and support the women in your life who have been there for you.  Build them up. Remind them you are here for them no matter what.  Be a friend, not a mean girl.  Let's teach our daughters that women support each other.