But Seriously

Here it is, more than halfway through October and I have failed at blogging again. I promised I had turned over a new leaf and then bam... life.

It got me thinking about priorities and what I put in front of things that I say I love.  Ya'll, I used to love blogging and I tell myself that it is important to me.  I have led myself to believe that writing is cathartic and I need my own space to just be.  And then I neglect this space and myself. I let excuses win, you know the ones like I am too tired, I do not have enough time... you get it.

So, here I am again tell you all that I am going to commit to this space. I am going to let it be my sounding board and catharsis.  I want to be able to connect with those who mean so much to me.  Rejoice in their lives and let them be a part of mine.  So, I hope you all, what those of you that are left, will forgive me for not being present and welcome me back with open blogger arms.

And I will bribe you will cute pics of my toddler. And I promise next week to fill you all in on turning 35.